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Putting Health First: Efficient and Safe bariatric solutions.

Laparoscopic total gastric vertical plication: The most "physiological" bariatric technique.

Laparoscopic total gastric vertical plication (TGVP) is our new restrictive technique suggested for the treatment of morbid obesity. This pioneering operation is an advancement of the sleeve gastrestomy and it is carried out with the use of pure surgical sutures. In TGVP the gastric capacity is diminished without gastrectomy or foreign implants. The 1-year weight loss is very satisfying (55-60% EWL) while in comparison to the other modern restrictive bariatric techniques (laparoscopic gastric banding and sleeve gastrectomy) the main advantages of the TGVP are the minimal risk of acute and late complications as well as reversibility: gastric sutures withdrawal will get the stomach back to its normal form. TGVP is currently indicated for bariatric patients having BMI 40-45 Kg/m2. Please click here to view an informational brochure.

1st announcement of the technique in: 26th panhellenic congress of the Hellenic Surgical Society in Athens, Greece (November 2008)


Super Sleeve - The most effective sleeve gastrectomy.


Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy (LSG) is increasingly indicated worldwide for the treatment of the extreme morbid obesity. Super Sleeve (SS) is an advanced -more restrictive form- of LSG. With the gastric capacity been restricted to 60-80 gr and Ghrelin (the appetite hormone) totaly supressed, the resultant weight loss is comparable to this achived with the gastric by-pass (55-70% EWL), without any serious complication or side - effect (e.g. vitamin malabsortion). We introduce SS as the safest and most effective bariatric solution, even for the super-obese patients. Please click here to view more..

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